Double Domme Pet Play

Pet play… Tracey looked scrumptious that night at a small house kink party: athletic and naked, sparkly green eyes, real red dog collar on his neck… Actually decorated with little silver bones. On a leash…

"Fetch me some food, boy," said Alice authoritatively. This night, she was determined to teach this dog a few tricks. Quickly and obediently, Tracey brought sushi, fruits and veggies…

"Sit!" He immediately put his naked ass on the towel right on the floor beside her feet… "Good boy!" she said with a smile.

Great conversations, wonderful friends… "Who is that couple walking into the room?" thought Alice glancing at familiar looking attractive faces. "Babar! Look how tables have turned…"

Quickly, memories took her back to a few scenes with him as a Dom when she had just began her BDSM journey. Smart. Devious… Always full of surprises…"

She smiled and greeted him and his beautiful partner Leha. A slightly embarrassed and surprised look on Babar’s face was priceless. An evening promised to be fascinating.

"We have planned a series of obstacles for you two to undertake. Whoever shows the best results – will get a reward! The other one will deserve a punishment…" two Dommes told their pets. Men nodded.

Alice started feeling into the energy of the scene. The power difference between the Mistresses and their Subs was quite drastic…

A difference in stature: men on their knees, women – in heels. An inequality in dress: men naked, women in beautifully arousing bodysuits. Quite a polarity in status: men in collars, women holding their leashes.

Men were completely in the dark as to what awaited them, Mistresses – conspiring to test them to their fullest abilities. Submission and Domination, surrender and control – the two polarities…

Series of tasks have followed: a sensual foot massage, a strap-on sucking competition and the pinnacle of it all – painful hand slapping, offered and executed by a beautiful Domme Ava.

Tracey was playful, talkative and a bit anxious. He made jokes while massaging ladies' feet, did his best at deep throating and enduring a painful hand slapping scene.

Babar excelled at a foot massage, focusing on various pressure points. He looked so good at Alice’s feet, yet uncomfortable and on the edge while sucking Leha’s strap on and in pain during the last masochistic portion.

Leha comforted him, hugged and encouraged. Alice was on the roll – prepping for what was to come next – a punishment, on the cross.

Both subs were whipped in front of a large audience. As a punishment for one… and a reward for the other.

An evening drew to an end. Night fell on the city, and little yellow window lights nostalgically warmed up the neighbouring houses. It was time to go home. Friends parted their ways.

Tracey looked unhappy. Pet play was not his kink.

That evening Alice learned how cold she could seem while carrying out tasks. Inattentive. Strict and non nurturing. He expected more loving support, encouragement, motherly-like loving qualities that she was clearly lacking.

"Dominance inherently includes responsibility. Love and care are on the other side of the strength and leadership that I need to focus on next… Control doesn’t have to exclude feminine softness," thought Alice going home.

"Look who ended up learning a few new tricks…" she said to herself and smiled.

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