Mind Sex

They say the brain is the most sexual organ… Alice has always been curious about arousing someone by the use of imagination. "Could I stimulate someone's non-erogenous zone, but attribute a sexual meaning to the act? Could I get someone really hot and bothered by doing that?"

The house is full of music. The hosts, musicians, are performing for everyone's pleasure. Tracey and Alice are sitting together enjoying the show. Their shoulders touching, Alice is feeling playful and spontaneous. She takes Tracey's hand and starts caressing his fingers. Gently playing with the landscape of the ridges and the valleys. Such masculine, beautifully artistic hands he has…

Eventually, Alice begins quietly talking to him about one of his favourite experiences… Pegging…

"Honey, imagine I could peg you right at this party, in front of all of your friends…" Tracey looks up at her in disbelief. "Yes, imagine I could fuck you right here, in this very room and no one would ever know". "We both know how much you enjoy being fucked by me… Owned… Longing for me to penetrate your very being while I play with your cock."

Concerned look on Tracey's face replaces the surprised expression. "But, honey, this is not a sex club…" "I will fuck you right now," concludes the Dominatrix in an authoritative voice.

Alice starts playing with the crevice between Tracey's index and middle fingers. She slowly licks her own finger and starts going in circles around the crevice. "I will warm you up first, of course. Imagine I'm rimming you with my tongue," she smiles. Tracey blushes.

Alice applies more and more pressure while talking dirty to him and covertly starts penetrating the hole between his fingers – passionately, looking straight at him. "You love it when I fuck you, my sexy slut, don't you?" whispers Alice into his ear. Tracey lowers his eyes and murmurs "Yes, I very much do".

"I'm not only going to publicly fuck you," continues Mistress, "but will also suck your cock." She looks around to make sure no one is watching and starts sucking his middle finger. His reaction goes through the roof. A bulge in his pants is becoming very apparent, thankfully the room is dark "I am so hard, babe… All I want is for you to fuck me right this second," he says to her.

She continues edging him using the power of imagination and the crevice between his fingers as his imaginary hole. In the car… In a cafe. Keeping him hard, leaking pre-cum and wanting the release.

He erupts, all right, as soon as they reach home… Violently, abundantly, happily.

Mission accomplished. Brainpower… Or as the saying goes "It’s all in your head."


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye

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