Alice in PolyLand is an artistic, creative and inspiring book that describes events that combine real life experiences and fiction. Each of the nine spicy stories is followed by detailed and insightful instructions allowing readers to learn more about how to reproduce each of the fantasies and what important considerations to keep in mind while embarking on sexually playful journeys of passionate self-expression, openness and creativity. Also included in the book are eleven high-quality professionally captured photographs artfully arranged by Evguenia.

Whether you are single, in a monogamous or an open relationship – this inspirational guide will help you break down the barriers inside and rediscover amazing passion, breathtaking sex and ultimate joy of embracing your full self.

This beautiful book has been designed by Evguenia herself and is presented in 34 pages of vivid colour photography featuring sensual images. This book is soulfully spiritual, unapologetically sex positive and a deeply autobiographical unlike anything you've seen before.

3 reviews for Alice in PolyLand (PDF)

  1. Fatima Mechtab

    Alice in PolyLand is a sumptuous collection of erotica, playful tips and gorgeous photography. Both visually and mentally stimulating, it provides the right amount of tease and satisfaction. My favorite section was on ‘Mindful Sex’ and all of the pleasures that the brain can create, just from storytelling alone. This versatile collection overlaps across art, literature and education; just as sexuality itself is all encompassing.

  2. Alex Dark

    Alice in PolyLand is an informative book written by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab, an accredited energy therapist and sex educator. The book is laid out in easy to follow chapters – Unicorn (couples and bisexual women), Be Still (Domination and submission), Energy Orgasm (Tantric energy play), etc. Well-written, succinct with a deep feeling of care and erotic flair. The text is accompanied by fine images by various talented photographers. Polished and accessible, Alice in PolyLand is a gem of a book.

  3. Allan Daggett

    Alice in PolyLand introduces a playful mix of characters, erotica, and practical tips which serve to spark the imagination, and ignite the sexual fire in ways that some of us have never experienced.

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