Piano Keys

Married woman, mother of two, home alone. Working… Or fantasizing? Don't forget, we're not talking about a typical suburban housewife, this story is about Alice.

"I am craving your touch, Mirza…" "Likewise". Alice is trying to concentrate on work, to no avail… Short message – "Are you free in the next hour?" "Yes!"

Today he's wearing a black suit with a lilac short, looking corporate, slick, confident – a powerful man with piercing eyes and fleeting smirk on his face… In control. Visiting a married woman in the middle of the day. Unexpectedly.

Bright sunny day, windows are open, neighborhood kids are playing in the pool outside. The room is sunlit, with French window frames casting black and white shadows on Alice's naked body and Mirza’s corporate suit.

Have you ever felt pain that leads to pleasure? Pain that contains extreme pleasure in itself? Sexual rush that could be interpreted as either? Is it Good or Bad? Black or White? Like a piano key note – pressed hard. There’s no judgement here… Just a world of sensations.

Hearing the sound, feeling the pain… Listening to the note becoming lighter and lighter – almost disappearing into a deaf field of silence. Pain leading to pleasure. Key note again – pleasure and pain. Together on a continuum, opposite, yet intertwined… As one strong sexual, meditative, trans experience of the duality of life.

A great pianist plays an instrument beautifully. Mirza plays her instrument magnificently. The music that comes out – a reflection of a skill and expressiveness of a pianist and the ability of a piano to respond without holding any sounds back… "Open your mouth, Alice. Let your sound come from your inner being."

Together they create music. It's full of highs and lows. Such is life… Adrenaline rushed highs, confrontational/emotional lows. Unique, creative, passionate music.

The piano is quiet now. The pianist has left the room. Symphony in the making…

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